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Dear Book Author,

If you are like most book authors, you will have spent months, maybe even years, writing your book.

You may have shopped several print publishing companies before choosing one, or you may have chosen the self-publishing route.

If you are still unpublished, you have no idea what will happen when you do publish your book.

You may not know the pain that other authors have experienced, when their books hit the shelf and died the quiet death of a good book that could never find an audience.

It really stinks when you realize that it seems no one wants to read your book...

My First Book

My first book in 1999 sold two copies. And I kept waiting for those people to demand a refund. I was so worried that I didn't actually spend my earnings until 90 days after I collected the money.

About six months down the road, I heard back from one of the people who bought my book. He told me he really enjoyed the book. He then started asking me questions about the topic covered in the book, because he really wanted to know more.

That experience told me that my book was a good book. But with only two sales, something was clearly wrong.

Some authors will sell two copies, then decide that the problem was the book they wrote or their skills as a writer.


If people have not read your book, the problem isn't your book.

The real problem is either your book description or a lack of trust in you as the book author.

The good news is that when you know what you are doing, both problems can be overcome easily.

The great news is that I have taken the time to break everything down for you in such a way that you will be able to overcome both of these problems, quickly and reliably, without you needing to sell your first-born child or you needing to take a second mortgage on your house.

How This Book Author Training Guide
Is Different From All The Rest

This book was actually inspired by my disappointment with another training guide that promised to have "all of the answers" for marketing our books online.

How is it that they can promise to deliver "all of the answers," when they clearly didn't have a clue as to how to do anything beyond setting up communication channels with your readers?

Yes, you should set up a:

But there is a great big, HUGE problem with this advice!

If you haven't sold your first book or you haven't got many followers on FaceBook yet, then the above-mentioned marketing techniques are completely useless to you.

As A New Author, You Likely
Do Not Have A Fan Base Yet

You do not yet have FaceBook Page Likes.

You do not yet have followers on YouTube or Twitter.

You may have a author's blog, but no one knows it exists, and if they do, they probably just don't care.

You are just some person who wrote a book that they have not read, and maybe never will read.

All of this leaves YOU with a bigger problem than established book authors.

You have to figure out how to cut through the competition to get noticed.

And, you have to figure out how to get your first burst of book sales, when no one knows who you are.

Every conversation with Bill Platt is an education. And I don't have time to implement half of the things he has taught me yet. The ones I have been able to implement have directly increased my income.

--- Lynn Johnston, Fiction Author and Fiction Writing Instructor

How Can You Break Through When
You Don't Have Facebook Followers
Or A Large Mailing List of Dedicated Fans?

That is the rub isn't it?

How do you sell your 1st book, your 10th book or your 5,000th book, when no one knows your name?

How do you get people to pay attention to you?

How do you get people to notice your book?

And more important to book authors everywhere, how do you get people to click the buy button?

The good news is that it is much easier than you think.

And inside of my "Advanced Book Marketing for Starving Authors" book, I am going to show you everything you need to know to be able to overcome all of the above-stated challenges.

I am also going to show you how to consistently boost your book sales by several dozen or several hundred copies a day -- almost on demand.

Whether you know it or not, you already have the capacity to be a best selling book author.

This is something that anyone with the right kind of knowledge can pull off.

If you will let me, I will be happy to show you how...

"Advanced Book Marketing for Starving Authors"

Inside of this 45-page PDF, I am going to show you:

I know I am making a lot of big promises, but I can deliver on my promises.

"Advanced Book Marketing for Starving Authors" comes in very handy both for traditionally published authors as well as indie authors.

I've been on both sides.

When I wrote my first book, I knew it would be a best-seller. It was a non-fiction book about a sought-after topic with a potential of selling several hundred copies per week.

It tanked.

The publishing house did no marketing at all, because they were in the process of getting sold.

My following books were published through IDG Books, and they did great marketing.

Now, as an indie author, it's up to me to do the marketing. Sure, Amazon does some of the work for me to sell my books, but they only sell my books, when a number of people have shown an interest in buying it.

How do you get the attention of your future customers? Especially when you're starting out?

In "Advanced Book Marketing for Starving Authors" Bill Platt shows you some untraditional solutions to this problem.

This is definitely a route I'm going to follow from now on.

--- Britt Malka, Fiction & Nonfiction Author with more than 20 titles

Most Book Authors Will Never Achieve Greatness,
Unless They Are Willing To Do What Others Won't Do

There are so many book authors out there who have the potential to be great authors.

Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against them.

The average author will sell at most 500 to 1,000 copies of their masterpieces, no matter how much time or energy they invested into that book.

Depending on how long they spent creating their book, $500 to $2,000 may not be enough in book royalties to justify them going through the effort of creating another book.

That would be a real shame...

Thank God it only took me ten years to write my second book, or I would have never gotten to where I am today.

If I would have quit writing when my first book failed, my life would be very different today.

And if I never wrote my second book, I would have never learned the real value I could deliver to starving authors everywhere.

If I had only known then what I know today, I would not have had to wait ten years before trying my hand at writing a second book.

Are You Ready To Get The
Attention Your Books Really Deserve?

There are certain things you need to do, apart from writing a good book.

Most people are simply unwilling to do those other things.

Whether you are traditionally published, represented by a publicist, or self-published, you really should pick up a copy of this book for yourself.

"Advanced Book Marketing for Starving Authors" will absolutely transform your life.

No matter how many books you have sold before today, this guide will show you how to sell hundreds or thousands of copies of your fiction and non-fiction books -- almost on demand.

The information that you will find in this book will enable absolutely anyone with a decent book to taste what it is like to be a best selling book author.

And not just once or twice, but as many times as you want to do so.

The Time Has Come For You
To Reach Out and Grab The Brass Ring

If you are ready, now is the time to take action...

A Case Study For Success

On October 10th, 2015, I launched "Advanced Book Marketing for Starving Authors" on Amazon Kindle, using the exact techniques I describe in this book, to prove to you that what is described in this book actually has the potential to work for you and your book marketing also.

I didn't need to launch this book on Amazon to prove to myself that the techniques work. I did it to give you some insight into the real power of the training itself.

One of my buddies told me that I was an ""absolute genius" to use the launch of this book to prove that what is described in the book is actually effective.

I laughed and told him that it was only genius because it worked. If I would have failed, I could have destroyed my reputation as someone who knows what he is talking about when it comes to marketing books. Contrarily, I would argue that it wasn't genius that led me to roll the dice on this -- it was an absolute confidence in the marketing plan shared in this book.

After just 36 hours in the Amazon marketplace (October 12th, 2015), this book had achieved dozens of category best seller rankings -- inside, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany and France.

Here are some screen shots to give you a taste of what it looks like to be a best-seller in several categories and several countries:

United States

United Kingdom



Reviews For This Product

On Amazon, this training got some excellent reviews from the people who purchased it.

Take a look for yourself:

This is of the best books I have ever read on the subject of book marketing. Far too many books just give you a broad outline of what it takes to market a book. They say...."Make a good book and have a social media profile." Excuse me? Of course we all know that. I need information that leads to some directly actionable steps to take to get my books in front of the eyeballs of people who would most likely want to read them....PERIOD. Bill does that here. Sure, you will have to do a tiny bit of leg work but he points you directly where that leg work needs to be directed and how to go about it.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get more sales....I am implementing my new found strategies literally as I am writing this. THANKS BILL!!

--- Jill Bonny

Bill Platt knows what he's doing with book marketing. His formula for product, place, price and promotion is a clear guideline to bypass many of the errors new authors make when trying to promote their books. His advice re author profiles, author central account, author website, social media, and developing an email list are all fundamental. Some writers might do some of these but success comes with doing all of them and more. His concentration on title, cover and book description are persuasive. Yes, you've probably heard some of this before but not all and the "all" that makes the difference. That, and actually doing all the steps, not just reading about them. Some extremely specific things to follow here. This is a valuable book. I learned much. Now, to start implementing!

--- Frank Daley

Bill Platt walks the talk ..for me as a relatively new author this book is gold. It opens up a range of new marketing and product possibilities and at the same time holds me to account on quality and integrity in my publishing. It clearly shows me the way to go forward in marketing my books. Awesome value for money don't hesitate to buy it if you are either an established or new author. Lots to be gained form reading this. This is a book that should be on top of the resource pile when creating your own books. Go get it.

--- Alan Kiddle

A precise guide to planning the marketing strategies you need as an independent author and self-publisher. Mr. Platt reveals the overall marketing plans of many of the large publishing companies and how they are less than helpful for the beginning author. He then shows how to develop the proper mind-set for describing and promoting your own books, and presents a new and interesting tactic for getting "authority juice" for your publications. A quick and easy read - highly recommended.

--- Bearcat

This short book is right on target. Assuming that you don't already have a tribe of followers for your book(s), what's the best way quickly to create one for your book(s)? Many book-marketing courses really don't address this important marketing question. In this book, Mr. Platt answers it. Without understanding how to market your book(s) effectively, it would be foolish to expect to sell many copies. I think his advice is right on target. Why not test it for yourself?

--- Dennis E. Bradford

Finally!! A "no-nonsense", straight forward explanation of how to get your books BOUGHT. Yes, as authors we love to write, getting paid for it is also very nice. This teaches you how to get the recognition and sales your book deserves. We need to face our biggest challenge in marketing our books which is our desire to NOT market our books. We just want to write; but, to be successful we need to also learn to market our book which is what this teaches us. These are things the successful authors already know and implement. There is no "magic dust or pixies" or "just do this and you will be fine" type thing in this book. There were a couple parts I had to re-read to get them to digest and sink in. Mostly because I think I didn't want to realize the writing the book was just the beginning. There were a couple areas I wish were gone into in a bit more detail, but the book would be MUCH longer and it would detract from the focus. Short sweet and to the point, just like I like it. Great work Bill!

--- Leonard A. Aberts

I have as an indie author ordered so many products on marketing my books. I can also tell you they are sitting on my computer gathering dust! I just found them either confusing, overwhelming, boring or all of the above.

Bill's book however was a breath of fresh air and an easy read. He cut to the chase and started at the beginning of an authors journey into marketing never assuming I had all the pieces to the puzzle in place and just needed to be cheered on to the finish line.

He took the time to explain concisely what order things should be done, how they should be done, why they should be done and when they should be done.

I can honestly say this is a formula I can actually follow without the overwhelm.

I have been on Bill's mailing list for a while however this is the first product I've purchased and it will certainly not be the last now that I know his way of writing and explaining things resonates with me.

I highly recommend this tool in marketing.

--- GreekPrincess22

As a marketing consultant, I was convinced I knew how to market my forthcoming book, but I was mistaken. I grabbed Bill Platt's book last night and keep smacking my forehead saying, "Duh! He"s right! Why didn't I think about THAT!?!"

The marketing plan Platt clearly lays out is simple and doable, and, I really like simple, despite the fact that I often complicate any process. And "advanced" doesn't have to be complicated, it just has to get done. Call it ego if you like. Platt mentioned some of what he says might tag him as arrogant. I suspect we are like-minded.

I believe, 99% of all authors who fail do so when they don't step up to the plate and take action.

Anyone who writes well keeps focusing on not being good enough and holding off publishing, rather than just getting it done. You can revise. That's been one of my personal flaws, too. Holding off by striving for perfection.

So today, after absorbing this quick-read, I have kicked that perfection witch off my shoulder and shifted my mindset...I now have a marketing plan in place that, I am convinced, will raise the profile of my books so that fans become addicted to what I say, how I say it, and when it will dramatically improve their life by owning what I write.

If that's what you want for you and your books, then grab Platt's Advanced Book Marketing, and, as I say, "butt up and git-er-done!"

Thank you Mr. Platt! I'm all in :)

--- Donna Blevins

This is an excellent roadmap for learning marketing skills for authors. I loved the format of the book. It is clearly written with no fluff and to the point. The info is useful for both newbies and advanced writers. It is about taking steps to being out there and ways of getting there. I highly recommend reading this book.

--- Lucydog

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Also be advised that if you file a dispute with PayPal, instead of giving me a chance to process your refund directly, my Money-Back Guarantee will become null-and-void, and I will fight your dispute with the intention of winning the dispute.

There is no need for either of us to be ugly about this. If you are not satisfied with this product, simply ask for a refund and allow me time to process your refund.

The Time To Take Action Is Right Now...

The ball is in your court.

You could choose to skip this offer, then hope and pray you can figure out how to crack Amazon's Best Seller charts on your own...

Or you can take a chance on this training, and learn how professional book authors create best-selling books, as if by pure magic.

Prayer is powerful.

But my grandmother -- whose faith was the cornerstone of my family, always told me that God rewards those who make an effort to help themselves.

If you believe that my grandmother nailed it, then there is only one thing for you to do right now...

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